New York City FC 2024 Preseason Press Conference Assets

New York City FC held its second preseason press conference in Tampa, Florida ahead of the 2024 Major League Soccer season Below you will find video and quotes of the press conference featuring Head Coach Nick Cushing and Midfielder Keaton Parks. 
New York City FC Press Conference feat. Head Coach Nick Cushing – Click Here
New York City FC Press Conference feat. Midfielder Keaton Parks – Click Here 
Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Nick Cushing

Thoughts on Midfielder Santiago Rodriguez…

“The one thing that I can definitely confirm is that Santi [Rodriguez] has been incredibly impressive this preseason in the way that he has embraced leadership, his real desire to be a leader within the team. He has been probably one of my most impressive players in the sense of the presence that he has in the group and the desire that he's showing. We can't question his talent. He's an incredibly talented player and I think we see the best of Santi [Rodriguez] when we surround him with real talent around him. Whether it be Talles [Magno], Julian [Fernandez], when we get Hannes [Wolf] in, Mounsef [Bakrar] now in the front, when you surround Santi [Rodriguez] with real talent, it really embraces his game. But his talent is not in question for me. But the one thing he's really embraced is leadership. I've been really impressed by that guy.”

On the leadership developing within the team…

“I think trying to mold the group off the field is really important. I think when you have a group that has been away for a period of time, what you see is those guys that have really reflected and really evaluated not only their performances, but their position and their presence in the group. We have exit meetings before we leave so that we can give the players some feedback. And what you see is, you see guys come back with a real desire and a real determination to improve the team and improve themselves within the team. So off the field, I think the likes of Keaton Parks, Santiago Rodriguez, Thiago Martins and Mitja [Ilenic], you can really see that those guys are really trying to be more of a presence in the team, show more leadership, and like I've said to the guys, ultimately the plan is only executed by the leadership of the team, of course, myself. But then once the game starts, it's about those guys on the field, and I've been really impressed by those guys.”
Midfielder Keaton Parks
Thought on the chemistry in the midfield…
We're looking to build that chemistry near the end of the season. There were some injuries. I was out a little bit, James [Sands] was out a little bit, Andres [Perea] came in, but obviously the talent is there. I'm very happy that Andres decided to stay and extend it there and he's going to be a phenomenal asset to the team. We're just looking to build our chemistry and build on our identity as a midfield and just continue in our roles but perfect them and play our roles better. Everybody has something to improve on from last year. Obviously, it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to and we're just very focused on strengthening our midfield, strengthening the center of the pitch, as well as bringing everybody together and just building an identity as a team. I think it's a little bit our responsibility as being the center of the field to do that and bring everybody together.”

On lesson’s learned from last season…

“There's a lot of lessons, I want to be a leader. I want to be more vocal. I want to stand out and be a leader by example, but also by speaking more and getting everybody on the same page. But I think it's also just don't take any game any second for granted. Every game counts toward the end of the season and we could see that as we were closing down on making the playoffs or not reaching. I think that's a big lesson. I think we need to fire off right from the beginning like we have been in preseason so far, and I'm just excited to get started again.”
New York City FC 2024 Preseason Assets

Below you will find b-roll and photos of the team's first week of preseason.   

New York City FC Preseason Training B-roll - Click here

New York City FC Preseason Photos - Click here

Earlier this week, New York City FC kicked-off its 2024 preseason friendly slate at IMG Academy, narrowly falling 1-0 against Ecuadorian side Barcelona S.C.

Below you will find assets from the match which includes a post-match interview with Head Coach Nick Cushing, a jersey swap between Head Coach Nick Cushing and Barcelona S.C. Head Coach Diego Lopez, in addition to b-roll and photos from today’s match.

Post-Match Interview with Head Coach Nick Cushing – Click Here

Jersey swap between New York City FC Head Coach Nick Cushing and Barcelona S.C. Head Coach Diego Lopez – Click Here

New York City FC v. Barcelona S.C. B-roll – Click Here

New York City FC v. Barcelona S.C. Photos – Click Here

New York City FC will face the Philadelphia Union tomorrow, January 27 to close out the first leg of preseason.

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